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Frequently Asked Questions


What is InstaXpert and why should I use it?
  1. InstaXpert is a mobile application platform that provides 30-minute virtual consultation with experienced, highly reputable professionals (like lawyers, accountants) within minutes, at affordable and transparent pricing
How to start using InstaXpert?
  1. Download the InstaXpert app from the Appstore/Playstore.
  2. Enter details of your consultation request (location of service and practice area) along with your profile details (name, email, phone number, payment information) and get connected to a professional in minutes
  3. You can also choose to create an account on the app: Click on the sign-up option at the bottom of the screen and enter your name, email, and phone number. Once your phone number is verified through OTP, your account will be created
How does InstaXpert make money?
  1. InstaXpert charges consumers a nominal platform fee, which is included in the total fee (along with the professiona fee).
How do you select professionals to be on the platform?

We have 1-1 meetings with multiple professionals and we use these 3 criterias to select professionals

  1. Practice area expertise based on experience
  2. In good standing with the state bar association*
  3. Adequate malpractice insurance* *Applicable only for lawyers in the US
How do you assign the right professional for my issue?
  1. Based on your choice of location and area of practice our matching algorithm will shortlist and connect you with appropriate professionals
  2. If however, the matched professional is not the right person for the consultation, please end the consultation within five minutes and you will not get charged
How quickly will I be connected to a professional?

1. The wait time for a response is generally 5 to 10 minutes.

2. Once the professional has accepted the invitation you must connect within 2 minutes to avoid a no-show charge. Please note that you can be billed a no-show charge of $5 if you do not respond (either accept or cancel) the request once a professional is on the line.

What if a professional for my issue isn't available?

1. Our aim is to connect you with an experienced professional within 5-10 minutes, however, it is possible that in the limited launch period, we are unable to find you a professional within 10 minutes
2. If that happens, we will send you a message with contact information of professionals you can connect with offline.
3. Also, you are welcome to try again at a later time

What if my professional abruptly ends the call during the consultation?
  1. Our professional network is comprised of highly professional and experienced professionals and we do not expect them to disconnect the virtual consultation abruptly
  2. However, in the instance, a call is dropped or cancelled by mistake, you can still join the consultation within one minute of the call drop
  3. In case of any questions or concerns, please email us at 
  4. If your call is cancelled or ended by a professional within the first five minutes, you will not get charged
How do I take the engagement forward with my professional?
  1. Our objective is to connect you for a consultation with an experienced professional within minutes. Beyond the consultation, you and the professional are welcome to engage with each other to start a formal engagement with the professional’s firm
  2. After the consultation, we will share the professional’s contact details with you and your contact details with the professional
What if I want to talk more than 30 minutes?
  1. At this time, we are still building the feature of extending the consultation beyond 30-minutes. If you need to continue the call beyond 30-minutes, we request you to contact the professional directly
Will the conversations be recorded?
  1. No, we do not record conversations. All calls are confidential and neither us, nor any third-party will have access to it
What if I want to consult with the same professional later again?
  1. In case you would like to consult with the same professional, please feel free to connect with them offline based on the information we shared with you about the professional
  2. If you use InstaXpert app to request a consultation, we cannot guarantee that you will be connected with the same professional again
Can I share documents with the professional?
  1. For sharing documents, we would suggest you to email any documents directly to the professional.
  2. The app does not store or facilitate transfer of documents
Do you offer free services?
  1. No, at this time InstaXpert does not offer any free services.
How much do I pay for the 30-minute consultation service?

For USA and Canada:

  1. We charge two separate fees (these are two different line items on the invoice) from the consumer (1) Professional charge, and (2) Platform charge.
  2. The “professional fee” is entirely passed on to the professional. We charge a nominal platform fee (up to $25) for the consultation facilitation and technical platform – this fee is waived at this time
  3. If your call is cancelled or ended by a professional within the first five minutes, you will not get charged.

For India

  1. We charge two separate fees (these are two different line items on the invoice) from the consumer (1) Consultation charge, and (2) GST
What forms of payment are accepted?

1. For USA and Canada: We accept credit and debit cards for payments.

2. For India: As of now, we accept only credit cards for payments.

3. All our payments are processed by Stripe and we do not store any financial data

When am I eligible for a refund?
  1. Please reach out to us at if you think you need a refund. Our aim is to help solve your problem and to have happy customers who can help grow this service
What if my issue is not addressed here?
  1. Please reach out to us at We will get back to you within 1-2 working days
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